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Turkey suppresses the Kurdish aspiration for independence



The “democratic” parliamentary elections in Iraq didn’t seem to better the situation in any way. I think new Iraqi Kurd Prime Minister is about to sort of catalyze the rewind of the civil war in Iraq and also to escalate the crisis in Turkish locations densely populated with Kurds.

Judging by the information in Turkish media, official Ankara is currently much concerned about the increase in Kurd activities for independent Kurdistan. The Turkish newspapers and TV channels are simply fomenting tension and denounce the start up of a civil war in Kirkuk and other Kurdish towns.

I think, however, these proclamations are only an attempt of Turkish authorities to justify the aggressive schemes against Iraqi Kurds. One can find a lot about it in the Internet saying that Turkey has long ago started gathering its troops by the Iraqi border. Some few days or weeks will pass and Turkey will definitely attack Kurds....
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