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Truth about the travel ban


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May 13, 2010
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Truth about the travel ban
Truth about the travel ban - Other Views - MiamiHerald.com

By Mauricio Claver-Carone
US-Cuba Democracy Pac

Every day there seems to be a new effort to lift U.S. sanctions toward Cuba, in particular the ``travel ban.'' The latest is a bill by House Agriculture Committee Chairman Colin Peterson, of Minnesota, and U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran, of Kansas, supposedly aimed at increasing agricultural sales to the Castro regime. But its most dramatic provision would end the ``travel ban.''

Tragically, the Peterson-Moran bill was introduced on the same day that 42-year-old Cuban pro-democracy leader and Amnesty International ``prisoner of conscience'' Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after an almost three-months'-long hunger strike protesting the brutal beatings, abuses and prison conditions he endured.
One thing that constitution expressly mentions about the power of the federal government, it's in the arena of regulating trade. The way the embargo has been structured, it's a trade policy; it is about spending dollars in a foreign country. There are many ways a US citizen can visit Cuba. What's restricted is spending money there as a tourist. There's a reason why people who travel to Cuba legally have to get a license from OFAC (the office of foreign asset control) which is part of the treasury department. The embargo exists because of the Castro brothers expropriation of American assets.
If the Castro brothers’ regime really wanted US tourists to roam the streets of Havana, they wouldn't have beat up Yoani, arrested and continued to detain the US contractor, allowed Zapata Tamayo to die, nor badmouth Obama at every step of the way since the announcement of last November's House hearings. As Sec. Clinton said, ``There's proof that each time we try to promote an increased free flow of people and information, the Castro regime digs in.''
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