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Trump Said MIA Soldiers Deserved What They Got: WaPo (1 Viewer)


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May 26, 2020
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menifee calif.
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Those that are POW, or hostages, have gotten what they deserved, and Trump thinks you should be allowed to be tortured, killed or worse. Instead of leave no man behind, the new saying goes, stupid losers, I aint gonna get killed to save suckers.

Instead of an ARMY OF ONE, we now have, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF. Instituted by private bonespurs.

Trump has insulted McCain, till it is CLEAR that this is the scum Trump is. There is no use right wingers, saying that we dont know if it is true. IT IS TRUE, there are many witnesses.

Now Fox and Friends, says, we cant know the truth, so, balance that against your massive tax cuts, and OWNING the LIBS. Cramming scam judges.

FACT IS, Trump hates everyone but those worshipping him. Otherwise, none of us has any value.

And when we are finished worshipping him, we lose any value. Trump will use soldiers as EGO cannon fodder. And then piss on their graves.
President Donald Trump—who reportedly referred to injured and killed U.S. soldiers as “losers”—is also apparently confused as to why the government values finding soldiers missing in action. He told senior advisers those soldiers had performed poorly, gotten caught and therefore deserved what they got, according to The Washington Post. The account followed an explosive report by The Atlantic on Thursday that outlined Trump’s deep disdain for the military members, both dead and alive. The president, who famously dodged the Vietnam War draft due to bone spurs, called military members and marines “losers” and “suckers”—either because they died, were captured, or didn’t manage to evade the draft. The White House and Trump strongly dismissed the report, with Trump calling the anonymous sources used for the article “lowlifes.” But Trump has put his disdain on the record, criticizing prisoner of war John McCain in 2016 by saying, “I like people who weren't caught.”

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