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Trump reportedly referred to journalists as 'all my killers' on a hot mic while speaking privately t


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Dec 3, 2017
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Trump reportedly called journalists his '''killers''' on hot mic - Business Insider

President Donald Trump on Friday held a news conference at his New Jersey golf club, inviting members of the club to watch his interaction with members of the media.
Prior to the briefing, the president was caught on a hot mic inviting club members to "see what I have to go through," calling the White House reporters "all my killers," according to CNN's Jim Acosta.

The president has taken issue with the media's coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, calling it a "hoax" and at times suggesting it hasn't been favorable enough toward his administration.
Hoax? How many people has Trump killed since January: TOTAL DEATHS (Cases in the U.S. | CDC)
1,229 New Deaths*

And it's all a Democrat hoax & it's all going to just vanish.
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