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Trump 'failure' on COVID-19 will be central message of Biden convention


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Dec 3, 2017
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Trump 'failure' on COVID-19 will be central message of Biden convention | TheHill

The coronavirus pandemic will loom large over this week’s Democratic convention — and will be the key part of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s messaging.

Biden’s path to the White House is tied to the pandemic in that he argues President Trump’s complete mishandling of the crisis is the final reason voters should end his presidency at one term.

At this week’s convention, held with no crowds given the health risks of the pandemic, Biden and other speakers will use the COVID-19 crisis to highlight Trump’s failure as they seek to convince voters to turn him out of office.

“Donald Trump is responsible for the worst failure of presidential leadership in modern history and still to this day has yet to implement a national plan to control a virus that has killed over 160,000 and left millions of Americans out of work and fighting for their livelihoods,” said TJ Ducklo, Biden’s national press secretary.

There are thousands of lives lost and millions more who are needlessly unemployed all because this president cares more about getting himself reelected than he does about the health and safety of his fellow Americans,” Ducklo said.

Simply put: It didn’t have to be this bad. We are going to remind the American people that every day until Nov. 3,” Ducklo added.

Speakers at the convention will also focus on other themes, including racial justice, health care and the economy, but they will repeatedly return to the pandemic as they make their pitches before a captive national audience.

Monday night’s theme, “We the People,” will feature speakers who “have risen up to face three defining challenges in modern American life,” the coronavirus pandemic being one of them. The resulting unemployment crisis and racial injustice are the other two challenges speakers will highlight.

Biden, who will not travel to Milwaukee to accept his party’s nomination because of the coronavirus, is expected to hammer the pandemic in his own address. His team hopes the convention itself shows a contrast between how Trump and Biden would handle the pandemic.

“The COVID story allows Joe Biden to say everything he needs to about Donald Trump in one tight narrative,” said Democratic strategist Christy Setzer. “There's even a stunning visual contrast — masked and safety-first Dems versus unmasked and reckless GOPers.”
It's the truth. Trump failed to grasp the nature of the pandemic & kept insisting it would vanish, meanwhile doing little to combat its spread.
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