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Trouble in zimbabwe july 2016.


Jul 14, 2016
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Cape Town
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Zimbabwean war veterans turned on their long-time ally President Robert Mugabe, describing him as a dictator in a jolting rebuke underlining political manoeuvring over his succession and mounting anger over economic woes.

The veterans, who have campaigned, often violently, for the veteran leader during presidential elections since 2000, said they were withdrawing their political support, a statement that exposed rifts in the heart of Zimbabwe's establishment.

"Mugabe's leadership has presided over unbridled corruption and downright mismanagement of the economy, leading to national economic ruin for which the effects are now felt throughout the land," the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) said.

"We note, with concern, shock and dismay, the systematic entrenchment of dictatorial tendencies, personified by the President and his cohorts, which have slowly devoured the values of the liberation struggle," the veterans added in the statement issued after a seven-hour meeting of its leaders on Thursday evening.

The 92-year-old president - the country's only ruler since independence from Britainis looking increasingly frail and struggling to walk up stairs in public, though he has said he wants to live to 100, and denies local media reports that he has prostate cancer.

" As senior members of the ruling ZANU-PF party manoeuvre for advantage in a post-Mugabe era, two factions have emerged, one linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and one to Mugabe's wife Grace.

Veterans want Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe, saying this would be in line with party tradition.

Mugabe last month warned veterans against trying to influence the choice of who will succeed him.

"The centre cannot hold and I am seeing Mugabe increasingly under siege. We are in a transition now from the Mugabe era, no doubt about that," said Ibbo Mandaza, a leading academic and political commentator.

Former finance minister, Simba Makoni, who was seen as a future Mugabe successor before leaving ZANU-PF to challenge him in 2008, said on Friday the president should resign because he had failed Zimbabweans.

Political infighting has been exacerbated by an economic crisis, widely blamed on mismanagement and, more recently, the effects of a region-wide drought.

Public anger over inflation, unemployment and other hardships has poured out into the streets in a nation-wide protest movement.

In a show of support for those demonstrations, organised by activist pastor Evan Mawarire's #ThisFlag movement, the veterans accused the police of brutality against protesters.

This seems to be a right royal mess?

If the zanu pf wants robert mugabe to be their president, then he will be, no matter what other parties say. if course course they want to recall him, then it will come down to a number versus a number of votes, of course.

The waymugabe does things is to take people away from the voice they have in all ways. if he was to let the media say true things about him, it would be better than word spreading on the street - he could address these claims in the news, of course.

The economy of zimbabwe is lacking in the food department. why not nationalize farms? the people will still own them, but they will be managed in such a way as to let people make a profit and still live large - making a profit through selling excess, of course. this is just one point of their economic woes, so i will continue.

If zimbabwe wants to sell things, thereby doing good business, they should look before the border and make sure there is good trade within zimbabwe. this would be where the state taxes things according to how needed they are - bringing back general sales tax would be a good idea for the people to live better. this would see a bread and milk tax come from fourteen percent down to like five percent, and taxes on luxuries would go up, of course.

Then, the private sector could do better. hardly any taxes are collected from the public sector, so they need the private sector to thrive to tax them, of course. this will lead to more exchanges, and therefore more money coming in, of course. if the private sector could receive a boost by having loans slashed, and, of course, repossession of assets increased, the private sector will thrive or the bank will acquire new assets. either way there will be more jobs and then more taxes, more domestic product, more money to spend on infrastructure leading to more private sector loans, and so forth.
Another thing to observe is the ailing health of leaders of africa - many are quite old. in zimbabwe, president mugabe is 92, and now his party is thinking about breaking up. they should be told that uniting with even more unions would result in more votes for them - this is about staying in power, not taking a chance, yes? the opposition might be trying to enlist certain factions to it, of course.

With the pastor that has spoken out to a lot of people, they could show him how he could have his way with the party? he surely has demands, and going into another smaller party would see them have to fight for his ideals, but, if he joined the zanu pf, he could get his goals realized. this might be seen as a compromise, but if they play it right, he could be able to serve his people better in the bigger more corrupt party.
Maybe the best course of action, to unite zimbabwe and africa would be to unite as a party offering solutions rather than attacking each other? what is the difference between defending yourself, attacking others and promoting your cause? if you ask me promotion shoul dbe the only thing parties do at rallies.

If it is against the law to spread hate speech, surely it would be wrong to speak poorly of other opposition parties. this means that state leaders are breaking the law. the elections should show what has been done and what is being done, and then the campaign promises. if someone wants to call the opposition on broken promises, this should not be an overt attack on them, it should be the truth and be constructive - like this is how to do it, this is what they are doing, this is what needs to change. this is not a 'shout about,' it is a campaign. if what you are saying is just that the rulers have failed, that should be it. the longer people listen to a message that starts with something negative, they will continue to think negative thoughts, and then get angry, and then protest, and them become a mob or riot, yes?

With people so sensitive in today's world, people should be constructive and not destructive.
When Mugabe dies, the country is bound to descend into civil war.
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