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Troops in Iraq simply trying to stay alive


Jun 9, 2005
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Just saw a report on the BBC with camera crew following British soldiers.
The soldiers tried to enter a police station to inspect it.
They weren't allowed in becuase malicia men were telling the police what to do.
The soldiers decided it wasn't worth a blood bath trying to force the issue. Similiar situation at another place.
Saddam's republican guards are alive & well & still armed thanks to the decision by former US governor Paul Bremer to disband the Iraqi army in 2003, without disarming it.
The situation is hopeless.
The BBC journalist came to the conclusion that all the troops can hope to achieve is to still be alive at the end of each day.
The problems are so endemic they could easily last for 35 years as we've seen in N Ireland... Or maybe 800 years as we have seen with Serbians v Muslims !
Tribalism... man's biggest downfall.
Everyone should join my tribe of fanatically non tribalistic people :lol:
Everyone should join my tribe of fanatically non tribalistic people

Good one! :lol:

Good article referenced as well.
Americans should not be surprised ,Iraq police are terrorists by night.
you cant fight the terrorists you are the terrorists
how can a kid in the natl gaurd tell tell the difference between the people of Iraq they all dress the same.you have given the kids of the NATL GAURDS
an impossible task,that even when equipped with the most modern weapons of war can not be fullfilled .the body count gets higher and the Iraq people want you out.What bussiness is it of yours to be there in the first place.

Your order is rapidly fading, and your plight in Iraq destined to fail.while Iran awaits your arrival so they can add 10 fold to America's body bag count.
Canda simply says no and the whole world looks at the American people like they are dumbed down. America you are disgraced. you cant leave your borders ,travel to europe ,you better put a Canadian flag on your luggage or they will be attack you in the streets.


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