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Troops Death Toll iin Afghanistan Hits 600

The Prof

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Jul 26, 2009
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Troops death toll in Afghanistan hits 600 - Yahoo! News

KABUL (AFP) – The number of foreign troops to die this year in Afghanistan has reached 600, by far the highest annual toll in nine years of war despite tentative reconciliation efforts with the Taliban.

The toll of 600, according to an AFP tally based on a count kept by the icasualties.org website, compares to 521 killed in all of 2009 in what was previously the deadliest year on record for the forces in Afghanistan.

On average, two soldiers die each day.

1. FOR WHAT are our most admired martyrs giving all measure?

2. What EXACTLY is their MISSION?

3. How PRECISELY is SUCCESS defined?

4. How can any conceivable STABILITY ever be achieved with that crook AND kook Karzai in charge?

5. How can VICTORY, whatever that is, be accomplished by July?

6. How can AFGHANIZATION be realized, considering what we have to work with?

7. Why are our soldiers required to fight under those ridiculous ROE's, rules of engagement, which expose every mother's son to needless risk and make his objective all the more unreachable?

8. Why did BOB WOODWARD in his history-making OBAMA'S WARS describe our expedient president as a commander in chief with his HEART NOT IN IT?

9. How can Obama therefore expose the hearts of our heroes to so much harm?

10. Why does WOODWARD describe a war leadership in chaos, the political arm at war with and dominating the military's counsel?

11. Why did McChrystal say what he said?

12. Why did Jones quit, why was Blair ousted?

13. Why did the then Senator from Illinois vote present when that body balloted, 72 to 25, to condemn the General Betrayus ad?

14. How craven can a commander be who then calls upon the man he castigated as a quisling to come to his rescue?

15. What kind of character is revealed?

16. Why did Obama ESCALATE in Afghanistan when the enemy we seek, Al Qaeda, the agents actively responsible for 9-11, are almost entirely in Pakistan?

17. What does Obama contemplate for Pakistan, the most politically unstable nuclear power on the planet?

18. Why is Obama waging a secret war there?

19. Why did Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in the 08 primaries criticize Obama's insistence on unilateral action in Pakistan as destabilizing?

20. How can Obama/Biden/Hillary ask for loyalty from locals who've been told time and again that we're outta there?

21. Doesn't our war policy recognize the danger suspected collaborationists must face upon our exit?

22. Who could blame the participants over there for looking out for themselves?

23. And, at the level of realpolitik, who could EXPECT anything else?

24. Did you see the position the Pakistanis put our supply tankers in on the closed Khyber Pass a couple weeks ago?

25. Why did special ambassador Richard Holbrooke announce a week ago that Iran would be included in "peace" negotiations?

26. Obama's rank INCOMPETENCE has been on unambiguous display since his inauguration, from his amateurish handling of our economy to his fumbling of our foreign policy (Iran, the Middle East peace talks, global warming, China...) to his perplexing and upsetting politics (suing Arizona, trying to move KSM to Manhattan, advocating for the mosque, repeatedly talking down the American electorate...).

27. But nowhere is the president's comprehensive ineptness more evident than in Afghanistan.

28. Pray.

The Prof
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