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To be R?or not to be R? that is the question?


Joe ohhnoo

Our savage behavior is based on ignorance. I have had experienced ( encountered ) God He is love as Budda and and Jesus and Rumii point him out ( he was me!, you!). He was nothing like the personage Muhamad discloses of God ( God of Muhamad and Moses is Ego, what a forceful evil God). He does not threaten. kill or disturb you but you do it to yourself and he is waiting patiently until you give up your wrong way and join him with all your heart. Since he is love, he never threaten and he does not need to threaten and he does not aprove it because he is not pain and because all is him and nothing is out of him. You can not harm God but yourself because there is only one mind. Let every one be and grow at their own pace , just bless them no matter what they believe. All religions are based on fear ( evil, opposite of love) and therefore ego related for control of one man by other man. We need to grow and leave the religion behind and become like Budda and Jesus. I believe that day will come. Because, although I failed twice but... I have been there.
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