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thread 4 teh lolz

Teh Internets

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Jun 13, 2010
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Virginia, USA
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What if the united states annexed Mexico and made all illegal aliens U.S. citizens?

Wouldn't it prevent American jobs from being taken by illegals?
-An english speaking american would probably get a job over a non English speaking Mexican
-Employers would have to pay mexicans and Americans the same wages due to the mexicans being citizen.
So why would anyone hire the "illegal" over an American?

Would this not also ease Americas drug and immigration issues?
-The mexican southern border is much smaller and more controllable than the current border
- IE it would be harder to smuggle drugs and sneak people across the border
-If Mexico was under U.S. control the mexican drug cartels could be combated more directly.

-4 teh lolz (flame away):2razz:;):lol::):mrgreen:
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