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There is No War on Drugs

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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Newburgh, New York and World 8: Dark Land
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Many drug warriors have family members who are drug users or dealers; many are drug users themselves. The most ardent drug warriors are scared of their own weakness; they don’t trust themselves to “Just Say No”. They also know that the drug battles won’t be fought in their neighborhood or by their children.

Instead of fighting the battles they create, drug warriors appropriate tax dollars to hire enforcers: border patrol, customs agents, drug enforcement agents, treasury agents, prosecutors, police, and para-military SWAT teams. Because it’s these enforcers and their families that will actually face the danger, drug warriors feel free to ratchet up the rhetoric and policies.

Make sense to me, the war on drugs is nothing but a toilette that people dump money into and magically expect different results.

Bloody Mary Breakfast: There is No War on Drugs
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