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The war's over, but US troops can't leave


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Nov 27, 2005
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hey, i'm new :) sorry it's a bit long, i wrote a bloody essay there!

For those of you who still support Bush and the Iraq War, can you please highlight how this War is a success? Where is this freedom you preached about bringing to this nation prior to the War? The argument that Shias and Kurds are now liberated has become tiresome and contradictory; the political and social oppression Shias experienced under Saddam has now spread to include a social oppression of Sunnis also, perhaps, even, social oppression has grown to affect all Iraqis, be they Sunni, Shiite, or Kurd. Admit Iraq is not democratized; human rights abuses in Iraq now rival those committed under Saddam Hussein’s regime. We have torture allegations against the current Iraqi Government, murder and social upheaval now are beginning to eclipse the record left by Saddam…such human rights abuses are even beginning to overshadow the American Government, the Administration that entered Iraq on the basis of eradicating such atrocities as they too commit. For those of you who support a pullout of US troops from Iraq, you must consider the consequences of such a move. By removing US troops from Iraq, and pulling yourself out of the War and out of the region, in no way does it mean your disinvolvement in terrorism and your disinvolvement in the Iraq War. Both these things will continue to affect the United States. One cannot walk away from Iraq without leaving behind a generation drenched in social chaos; it is the USA’s obligation to stabilise Iraq and bring to it what you promised you would prior to the War: democracy and freedom. Regardless of if you supported the War or not, you can’t walk away from it leaving behind only carnage and devastation, effectively leaving the door open to a radical Islamic Jihad takeover of Iraqi politics, which will subsequently spread to affect all Middle Eastern governments. You see how vital it is that the United States remains in Iraq until the nation is stabilised? Yes, that may take generations, and yes, it is unfortunate that the Bush Administration could not recognise the need for such a commitment before the War, but to avoid a total takeover of radical Islam among the Middle East a presence needs to remain in Iraq. This War is in no way a success. Iraq is not free; its peoples are not liberated. Its government is alike to that of the one it replaced. In creating such carnage, the United States in itself has resorted to disgusting levels of hipocrisy, sacrificing the same principles of democracy it seeks to protect. I hope the pro-Iraq War supporters see that this War has not been won. I hope those who support a pullout of US troops recognise that should troops be withdrawn, democracy in the Middle East will give way to radical Islam, and the US will have an even bigger War on Terror to fight. No, this War is not a success. It’s a tragedy.
hmonz_girl lets wait and see what happens,it could turn out okay in time.

hope so for our countrys

god bless AMERICA

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