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The Persistence of Red-State Fascism

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May 30, 2007
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The right’s criticisms of Obama’s foreign policy are especially dangerous, as they help foster a rapid expansion of militarism. Just as under the Cold War, when out-of-power conservatives did little to curtail the welfare state, all the while encouraging Democrats to send ever more troops into combat, we cannot expect much to improve with conservatives taking their current hypocritical and incoherent stance.

So here we are, stuck between two alternatives that are as bad as ever. The left is now more devoted to destroying private property and individual liberty than it has been in decades. The right is only somewhat less egregious, due to circumstance, than it was under Bush.

Change in 2011? Not bloody likely. November the statists get tossed out and replaced with statism-lite

The Persistence of Red-State Fascism by Anthony Gregory
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