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The New Relationships

Dec 3, 2005
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St.gallen, Switzerland
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The Master said:
"In the spiritual world one never criticizes. Why do you need to look for other people's faults? This is like poisoning. Enter the house of a person as a friend and look for the treasure he has inside. Do not concern yourself with evil. When you tell somebody that he is not good, you do him harm. Maleficent thoughts are like decaying meat which disperses its bad smell far away. Everything that starts to smell bad is a presage of death. Every negative thought is an omen of death. Speak about the positive things in life, not about the negative. What does it mean to speak or think badly about somebody? It means that you prepare bad food which will make him sick.
"When you get up in the morning, say, 'God, teach me to think of my brothers and sisters as Thou thinkests of them.' To think well of people is to be strong. It is important to maintain a good opinion about everybody.
"One of the most dangerous situations in life is to see the negative qualities of the people who surround you. Everybody needs to concentrate his attention on the unchangeable, the good and the Divine in man. To see man's flaws is not science. In my opinion, it is great science to see the good in man and to address that. What do you gain if you know other people's faults?
"When you come to the perfect Life you will not reprove anybody. It would be good to form a group often people who would not see people's faults. Do not hold in your mind somebody's defects and faults, because you will become defiled and will lose. To speak badly of somebody is not moral. It is moral to not allow any evil thought into your mind.
"One of the sisters was telling me about the faults of one of the brothers. I said to her, 'Your conclusions are not correct. This man is not bad.' Until a fruit is ripe, it is tart and bitter. But when it ripens, it becomes sweet. You should wait for people to ripen. If somebody has made a mistake, do not worry but say, 'The fruit is not yet ripe. We will wait until it ripens.' The negative features of a man cannot characterize him, because man is in a process of development. One day nothing will be left of these negative characteristics.
"How can you criticize a flower bud for not having blossomed yet? The time has not come for it to blossom. Do not tell somebody that he is not a good person, but say, 'The painting is still unfinished.' If you would like to have a correct relationship with a person, you need to keep in your mind his good characteristics and not deviate from them. Then goodness will manifest in him.
"He who loves you sees everything in you as good. What is Love? He who loves you does not see any faults in you. Love does not see faults. When people see faults in others - when they judge them - they act according to the law of human justice. For thousands of years, people have lived according to the law of human justice. Not only has the world not improved, but the earth is covered with dead bones.
"Even if you do not love somebody try to find positive features in him, and as a result, you will begin to love him. Many years ago, a young maiden, very intelligent, came to me and told me how she regarded people. She accepted all people well with a good disposition. She would first attempt to find the best feature in a person. Then she would hold onto it, and after that, she would forget whatever bad she saw. She had made the following observation: when she held the positive characteristics of a person in her mind, he would open to her.
"You meet one of your friends and say, 'I know my friend well.' No matter how well you know him, there is always something new and some good feature in his character which you will discover today. He should do the same regarding you. Only in such a way, do you and he achieve something precious in your life. The price of love needs to increase. If you cannot find one good feature in the person you love every day, your friendship will soon be over. That is the way it was thousands of years ago, and so it is at present. If this does not happen, 1 can determine after how many years your friendship will end.
"If you would like to reform somebody, do not hold onto his faults. If you keep his mistakes in your mind, you will never correct him. The only way to reform somebody is to keep in mind the good and the noble in this person."
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