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The Ministry's strategy till the election


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Nov 16, 2017
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Expect race to come to the forefront as Covid cases continue to wane. With the increase in crime, ample opportunity exists daily for CNN to show us the "cruelty" of law enforcement. Rest assured they pour over thousands of incidents a day. I was wondering what the next location would be after Kenosha. A bit underwhelming, it's Los Angeles:

Los Angeles shooting: Fatal police shooting of Black man Dijon Kizzee sparks protests - CNN

So far, this isn't getting top billing for obvious reasons:

when they approached him, the man punched one of the deputies in the face... noticed that inside the clothing items he dropped was a black semiautomatic handgun

"Punched in the face" is the limiting factor here politically. The standards of behavior expected when dealing with police, even if you're Black*, are still at a certain level even in 2020. It will take a few more years for society to accept that a Black punching a cop in the face is the equivalent of a White courteously handing over his ID. They are simply two different ways of expressing the same sentiment - in 20 years or so. The Ministry has a bit more work to do in that regard.

Still, this incident is on the board and indicative of Ministry intent and direction, fomenting racial strife and riots. How successful they are will be known come November.

*capitalized per the Ministry
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