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The Mindless Job Thread


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Mar 26, 2020
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Its a Daily Life thread including taking work home wid ya ! Its mindless, not intense personal stuff.
Including what she said is cool ! (TWSS)
Being quitting time today, I got to say Ya ! TGIF and thas what she said just now ! TWSS
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The Grandson asked for a new bike helmet today. I asked him what did that brain on your bike say ?
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That means I got to get my Booster July 4, 2022 !
Are Mondays usually good days and who the heck is open to give a booster ?

Another Mid-Day put the Tractor to the Turf Garden tiller & make a plant area , even if its a bit wet the soil dries fast to plant those flowers again !
We need to Plant these Tulips tomorrow. twss

I got gas for the tractor and the tiller. twis
I thought I heard someone say, "I'm out of Here."
Been a lot of rain here for some days now. Can't get much done out of doors. Got some Mulch and ground cover down between the wet crap falling. Grandson 2 year birthday Saturday and Mommy Day Brunch Sunday ! Yea !

Yeah we know the Joe reads a speech from a script and doesn't realize the words have been switched out. Hopefully the next president will be early 50's and a middle of the isle Canidate not a dang Socialist ! I guess we have to go back To Clinton to not be put in a constant Crisis cause he put himself into a constant Sex Ca Pade Crisis. That was fun to witness. Most all before or since has been total crap Politiken B.S.
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Had an awesome week of 90's during the day and 70's at night. Most everything is planted now. Its time to clean up, shave and get ready to go to town tomorrow for vittles at the Corner restaurant. Whew.
Walked with the Grandson out to the yard and says, "lets pick up some Sticks "
Grandson replies, "why" twhs and stands there and watches me pick up the Sticks.

"I replied you like to ride your Bicycle ?" twis
"Time passes faster when you don't think about it" twis
"why" twhs

I'm in the Corner Mini Mart and tons of people in there.
I say to the guy at the Check out,
"This seems the Busiest corner in town "
"I bet time passes real fast for ya" twis
"Why" twhs
The Next Door Neighbor is a Complainer ! Why ?
Goes to the HD lumber place and loads up car with Mulch, spends the week putting down Soil Coverage and covering most of his front yard with Mulch and Perennials Dandelion outcrops.
There's very likely no such thing as a "mindless job." Probably all jobs take all kinds of skills. Some jobs take a lot more skills than others- so what?
↑ its a joke thread about mindless stuff, work or play that is mostly mindlessly stupid comedy or that is mostly routine like warming up the car so you can scrape off the windshield on a 20 degree morning or bring in the mail so you can throw away the Junk add crap ! So being truly mindless means following the ant trail to whatever it leads you to or going to a movie because the news says its a great movie or playing 2 card gutz with Jokers, duces and threes wild. Who cares !

What's the mindless thing today for you ?
I listened to the weather thunder like a WW ii invasion of Okinawa today ! And again now !

Example. This morning after warming up the Truck I hit the Windshield washer button and watched the Wipers peal back until only a smear was visible on the windshield, the things just pulled off. Dang it another $15 each wiper set to buy. Yep the Weather people blapped for 30 minutes about how bad the weather was and it was absolutely no help !
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I guess the mindless thing is continually doing the same things over and over and never just getting up and walking to a new thought just because you got a safe feeling in your Annal Pain receptors!
Well; it seemed like a good plan in the beginning ! A plan to stick too !
one that is adjustable is a good plan, one that will work !

As we express our gratitude,
we must never forget that
the highest appreciation is not to utter the words,
but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy

Memorial day 2022 has been a really great day here !
Most all of us live up to those words above, some !...... :cool:

Sadness everywhere the old guy is rapidly passing. His "2023" wasn't ending as he had dreamed 12 months ago. As he rapidly fades to fog he dreamed that Baby girl "2024" will do better. You go baby "2024" girl he prays.
My wife tells me she saw a specialist about her constant headaches.
Specialist said, "Stand in front of the mirror and repeat, I don't have a headache!"
I go into the Bathroom and say, "I have never been Married."
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