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The 'meh' of a salesman


May 11, 2013
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Barack Obama has still never really sold the American people on anything but himself.

For Obama supporters, the question has become frustrating and frequent: how can the man and the team who made a freshman senator the country’s first black president, and kept people with him despite Great Depression-level unemployment, have failed to truly turn public opinion around on a single difficult issue?

Twice, they turned Candidate Obama into a movement. But they haven’t been able to turn President Obama into more than an inclination.

The question couldn’t be more pressing, with the president preparing for a fall of implementing Obamacare and facing down Republicans over the budget, especially after two weeks when his own party forced him to accept he hadn’t convinced them first on Syria, then on Larry Summers.

“It’s profound, is what it is,” said Paul Begala, the Democratic strategist who consulted for the Obama-supportive super PAC last year.

Friday’s trip to a Ford plant in Kansas City capped off an unusually focused week of administration messaging that included a new report documenting economic progress over the last five years, a Sunday morning talk show interview with the president, a press call with top economic adviser Gene Sperling, a White House event headlined by Obama, a trip to the sometimes unfriendly territory of the Business Roundtable, and repeated reminders from White House press secretary Jay Carney that the deficit’s been cut in half over Obama’s presidency.

That’s a lot, but speaks to the depth of the problem he faces still struggling to convince people that the economy really is in significantly better shape five years after the meltdown, let alone that his policies are the reason — a Gallup poll in August found just 35 percent of people approving his handling of the economy, and 26 percent his handling of the deficit. Both numbers have dropped since June.

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The honeymoon is over and the people see Obama for what he really is. The emperor has no clothes.
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