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The Longer View

Ned Racine

Sep 24, 2010
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While Republican and Conservative expectations 2 weeks from now may well be justified I would like to inject a few words of caution. At best there would be very narrow edges in both chambers if the GOP does indeed attain a majority. In the Senate at Super Best it's 52 Republicans, and in the House possibly a 12 seat edge. No way more than that. This means Nothing gets accomplished.

It also means 2 things . Obama has the focus & the Heat taken off of him by a helpful MSM who will delight in seeing Rand Paul , Sharon Angle & others waltz thru the Hallways of the Capitol looking like Pfc's being given a Regiment to lead. Any mis step will be portrayed as a SNL routine and some are itching for this to occur. This includes Obama.

Also if the GOP does Super well it puts Sarah Palin front & center as NEVER before to the delight of many Hard Conservatives who cannot be realistic concerning her. She may even be on a substantial momentum which will propel her onward and low and behold with this much enthusiasm she is indeed the 2012 nominee. :shock:

This turn of events if feasible is exactly what Liberals want. They are more interested in Obama getting a 2nd term somehow than if Reid, Feingold, Boxer, Murray etc hang onto their seats. The long term stategy is already under way and while Obama would like to minimize losses I doubt he really cares too deeply about the survivability of Many other Liberal Democrats.

Just a thought here if indeed some massive jubilation breaks out 15 days from now. Barry has the Veto and will use it and it's really all about 2012.
The public is going to be pissed at anyone who doesn't fix the economy, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Given that both parties score low on approval polls, the people will just flop back and forth until the economy improves on its own is my guess.
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