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The Ham is Near


Feb 5, 2006
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A man by the name of Ham has crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived in the United States from Australia.
Like many other international businessmen he is going global.
He has come to America to spread the gospel against the theory of evolution.
He teaches children to disbelieve teachers, librarians, museum personnel, scientists and adults in general.
He has given rousing speeches to children in Christian schools around the nation where he leads children through behaviors designed to attack evolution in the classroom and to disbelieve what they are being taught.
His company markets textbooks and DVD’s and has a budget totaling over 15 million dollars and 160 employees.
He was a schoolteacher in Australia but after 5 years he quit and became an evangelist making over $120,000 a year.
How does he do it?
Maybe encouraging ministers to go into show business rather than minister.
Take a look at two signs I saw today.
At one church the sign said, ‘God Speaks : 10:30AM and 12:30PM’.
How’s that for a preacher with a swelled head?
What about “Call On The Name of Jesus : 12 Noon”?
That violates the third commandment if you are calling on the name of Jesus to deny a scientific theory.
I believe men like Ham would teach people to disregard the 10 commandments if they could make a quick buck.
Where is he?
He’s getting ready to build a $25 million Creation Museum near the Cincinnati international airport.
He’s close.
The Ham is near.
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