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The Group "PF's members reunited" invite all PF members to join it!


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Sep 13, 2008
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Hi dear Members of PF,

it seems PF has some troubles and I see here a lot of PF members. I invite you to join the Group "PF's members reunited" open for everybody, both for Cons and Libs.We are here not Refuges but Expats, because our beloved Forum is closed, and we do not know how long.

Your Ostap Bender

PF's members reunited - Debate Politics Forums
Thanks for starting the group, Ostap/Alfons.
Thanks for starting the group, Ostap/Alfons.

I welcome you my friend!
Thanks for joining our group!

I invite you and all our members to start a private discussion in our Group what's going on PF.

God's blessings
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