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The General Command of the Iraqi Resistance (1 Viewer)


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Sep 11, 2005
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The General Command of the Iraqi Resistance issued a communiqué dated 16 May 2005 concerning the defeat of the American enemy and its evident losses in the Battle of al-Qa’im. The communiqué reads as follows:

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.

“If God supports you no one can overcome you”

The Qur’an [3:160].

Steadfast people of Iraq!

Members of the Glorious Arab Nation!

Heroic fighters!

The perfidious American enemy wanted to get another taste of its inevitable failure at the hands of the valiant men of the difficult tasks forces. This time it was the Resistance that had the initiative, making decisions about the engagement in accordance with its military plan to draw the enemy into battle in places other than where it was forced to lick its wounds in previous fights. This time our choice fell on a piece of the pure territory of Iraq that has made enemies taste the bitterness of wounds time and time again since 9 April 2003 – the area of al-Qa’im. We will dwell at length on the merits of these battles – such as the precise planning and the high level of professionalism displayed in how they were waged – merits that dismayed the enemy and left terror in the hearts of his forces.

First. Information was leaked to the enemy saying that groups of armed Resistance fighters were present in the areas of old al-‘Ubaydi and the residential areas of al-‘Ubaydi, al-Karabilah, and Sa‘dah on the right bank of the Euphrates River and in the areas of ar-Rummanah, and al-Bu Hardan on the left bank.

Second. The enemy launched a wide-scale attack on all areas. They built a bridge over the Euphrates in the area of al-‘Ubaydi to prevent the Resistance fighters from infiltrating or crossing from one bank to the other.

Third. A fierce battle lasting more than seven hours raged as the Americans tried to construct their bridge. During that combat the Americans took important losses, including the destruction of four armored vehicles, killing all aboard them, and the killing of 15 more US troops besides until finally the Americans were able to complete their bridge.

Fourth. The enemy was drawn into the area of ar-Rummanah as a selected killing zone. There a heavy battle took place in which the enemy lost three vehicles burned together with their crews and a number of other soldiers. The enemy tried to evacuate his casualties using farm tractors but the people of Great Iraq did not give him the chance and the Americans withdrew leaving their burned vehicles behind.

Fifth. As a sign of their hatred and perversion and out of revenge for the losses they had suffered and their failure to overcome the heroic Resistance, the enemy mounted raids of residential houses in the al-‘Ubaydi area, destroying 20 homes and killing numerous civilian citizens.

Sixth. The enemy tried to stage a night landing into the al-Bu Hardan area adjacent to ar-Rummanah, forcing residents of that area to leave their homes. Thereupon members of the enemy forces opened fire on the civilians, killing more than 150 citizens – elderly men, women, and children. The enemy destroyed numerous residential houses in revenge for their own heavy losses and their humiliating defeat at the hands of our heroic fighters.

Seventh. The enemy directed its heavy weapons fire at the residential neighborhood in the al-Karabilah area, destroying eight residential houses and a number of shops and setting four civilian cars ablaze. The extraordinary Resistance men stood up to the enemy, launching a unique battle that inflicted heavy losses on the enemy, including the burning of three armored vehicles, killing all inside of them, and shooting down three helicopters – two of them in the neighboring al-Karabilah – Sa‘dah area and the third in ar-Rumiyah. The wreckage of the three helicopters still lies on the ground on the other bank of the river, telling the story of the enemy’s defeat.

Eighth. Units of the heroic Resistance inflicted heavy losses on the enemy in men and materiel. They attained all their objectives, thanks be to God, and withdrew in an orderly fashion to prevent the perfidious enemy from continuing its attacks on civilians, showing their hatred and venting their rage at their own impotence in the face of the Mujahideen Resistance fighters. This move by the Resistance prevented a repeat of what happened in previous engagements in al-Fallujah, Samarra’, Mosul, and Tall ‘Afar.

Valiant Iraqis!

Noble Arabs!

The Battles of al-Qa’im and the Iraqi victory there show once again that the initiative has been and will remain in the hands of the heroic Iraqi Resistance. The daily occurrence of jihadi operations by the Iraqi people from the north of the country to the south and from the east to the west show that Iraq will continue to defy the plundering attackers. Bush’s desecration of our pure land only opened the gates of hell before the invaders and their stooges. This is what will befall all their aggressor armies. None of them will be safe until they leave the land of Iraq, never to return.

Our country’s leadership, specifically President Saddam Hussein, the General Commander of the Armed Forces, may God set him free, warned the American administration against committing the stupidity of attacking Iraq. But the conceit, recklessness, and idiocy of President George Bush, the son, overcame the voice of reason and he paid no heed to those warnings. Today the promise has come to pass that his troops are committing suicide not only at the walls of dear Baghdad, but on every inch of our pure beloved country.

On this glorious occasion, we repeat our call to the American Administration to return to the voice of reason and to preserve what remains of their forces by hastening to withdraw them from Iraq. The Iraqis today have no option but jihad in defense of their honor, land, dignity, and sacred values. They will not cease to make the greatest sacrifices in this cause until the banner of victory is raised and waves high and proudly in the sky of our beloved homeland. We will never lay down our weapons until the last foreign soldier has departed – dead or alive. The Americans and their stooges have many options before them to save what remains of their face. One of them is to accept the option of withdrawal, setting free all the prisoners they hold and compensating the Iraqi people for all the harm and loss they have caused them by the unjust embargo and then their aggression and occupation of their country, returning the courageous Iraqi army and the heroic Iraqi security forces to their posts and dissolving the puppet militias and fulfilling all the other patriotic demands.

That is the best choice that the Bush Administration could make if it wants to get back some of the credibility it has lost, if it wishes to preserve a little bit of what remains of the faith once placed in it by the people of America and the world. By choosing any other path, the Americans and their allies will get nothing from the Iraqis but bayonet blades and gun barrels and hearts and minds ready to die as martyrs for God and their country in order to attain the victory which is near.

Long live Great Iraq, a homeland for all Mujahideen seeking freedom and dignity!

Long live the heroic Iraqi Resistance, the long arm of justice for our steadfast defiant people!

Long live the Leader of the Mujahideen, the Father of Martyrs, and Commander of the heroic Resistance!

Long live Palestine, Free and Proud from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River!

God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest!

Glory to the Arab Nation and may the lowly be brought low!

General Command of the Iraqi Resistance.

16 May 2005.

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