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The end of Tapatalk support

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Oct 12, 2007
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I know some people loved Tapatalk and others hated it, but I have uninstalled the Tapatalk plugin this evening. It hasn't worked properly since we moved from vB to xF and it seems as though Tapatalk is no longer supporting xF. Their latest version supports xF 2.0.x and xF 2.1 came out in January 2019 so they don't appear to be interested in xF support at this point. I hate to see this personally as I was a daily Tapatalk user for not just DP but for other forums that I frequented less often as well. The upside to this is that the xF mobile version is absolutely amazing. I've been using it since Tapatalk hasn't been working and I must say I love our mobile version.

So while some will cheer the "death" of Tapatalk here at DP, others will not be pleased but this is out of our hands at this point.
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