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The disgusting, un-American corrupt state of our federal judicial appointments


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Apr 22, 2019
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The theory of our system is that while one group says what the laws are (Congress), and another group enforces the laws (the executive branch), the issue of actually saying what the laws mean is such an important, delicate art we have a third equal branch just for that.

Those people are supposed to be dedicated to nothing but the faithful interpretation of the laws, protecting them from political corruption. They are supposed to be of high character, independent, loyal to the country and its people and no partisan interests.

What we have could hardly be further from that ideal.

Instead, we have a country where narrow interests dominate the country - its power, its wealth, its politics - for their own benefit - and so much so, they have a massive 'mind control' operation spending billions of dollars to convince tens of millions of Americans to support them.

They have an agenda: to 'interpret' the laws, which simply means to misinterpret and distort them, to put the interests of these elite groups first. It's bad enough how corruption prevents good laws from being enacted, but they're there to ensure the good laws that are in place, are nullified, and corrupt legal doctrines replace them.

They are groomed their whole lives to serve that ideology, and selected behind the scenes for the lists handed to Republicans to appoint and approve.

The president and Senate are support to pick 'good' judges, and evaluate their character and skills, and ensure people faithful to the law and the country are selected for lifetime appointments.

None of that happens. Special interest groups groom and select people who will serve the agenda of the powerful interests, and hand those names to the Republican politicians. There, they apply no legitimate standards at all, and simply use the power they've been given to put the names into office, no questions asked.

Their campaigns to elect them are paid for by those same interests, and they know what's expected, and they deliver. It's why you see judicial votes have become such party-line votes. And Republicans are to blame: they are the ones appointing the 'agenda' ideological judges for the plutocrats, while 'good, honest' judges are their enemy.

It's gotten that bad. And as a result, trump in just one term has appointed 30% of all appellate judges, as well as two members of the Supreme Court, cementing a right-wing majority. They will rule for the plutocrat agenda for decades to come.

That's how ugly it's become - nothing but a money-dominated, corrupt system of putting plutocrat servants, almost entirely selected by the Federalist Society, into the role of our judges, the last defense of our constitution and laws.

Nevermind the moronic cheering for this by the manipulated, repeating catch phrases and thrilled to 'win' by this corruption, quite ignorant of the actual issues, with 'abortion' used to keep them distracted from the real issues.

That's just part of how bad it's gotten. Plutocrats picking our judges, put in place by rubber stamp Republicans who serve the plutocrats and not the voters. The system now is essentially the opposite of the one intended, and our country appears not to be able to survive the corruption, even though some bits are preserved.
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