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The democratic maturity of the country is usually estimated according to its ... (1 Viewer)



The democratic maturity of the country is usually estimated according to its opposition maturity. In this context Georgia is no democracy at all. Bulk of Georgian opposition is subdued by president Saakashvili. And those trying to pursue their own independent course are neutralized as a rule. Recently has been disintegrated the “Alliance for Georgia”, a huge oppositional formation. We owe this to its leader Irakli Alasania. They say he’s Saakashvili’s guy on payroll and he must have met the terms of the deal so to say. I can’t fancy what was Alasania’s grand idea actually. But when he quit as a major oppositional leader he actually lost his weight for Saakashvili. And I guess if he knows some really sensitive info relating Georgian president he may well get into some disastrous situation, some road accident or else….

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