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The Day of the Absurd and Ridiculous


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Oct 9, 2017
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My family originates in what is now north west Russia, and it is a family which is not Russian. It is ethnically distinct from the Scandinavian Rus tribes that migrated east to dominate the Land of Many Rivers. It's estimated that about 3 million exist in Europe and the Americas, with predominant Asian facial features, yet relatively tall, with blue and green eyes, blond and white hair which becomes a dark grey as we age, and with thick hairs as we see on many Asians. Some call them Mari peoples, mostly not Christian, but followers of ancient spirits and ancestors. Not Pagans (which were a specific religion), but followers of the Odin the Traveler, and all the household gods acquired over the centuries. I'm not interested in arguing religious values. Most Mari peoples, there are different kinds from different places, do their best to not discuss their heritage with outsiders to prevent prejudices from causing harm,

For us, today is a special day, best translated as a day of the absurd and ridiculous. It is the winter equinox, the shortest day of the year, the day for us to recognize the everyday absurdities and ridiculous of our lives, a day to recognize when we need to laugh at ourselves, our own stupidity, a day to laugh at our fears, comfort our children and ourselves with hopes for a better tomorrow. From breakfast to well after dinner we compete to tell the most humorous stories of the past and the most humorous of our own actions. It is a day to devolve pride, be a fool comfortably and laugh at ourselves for a clearer perspective of this short life. The Light comes with tomorrow's dawn.

For the rest of this dark day, we will keep the lights burning, and do our best to keep our children laughing at their fears. And eat, drink, cavort and sleep.
I very much like the spirit of your beliefs and celebrate this Day of the Absurd and Ridiculous with you and yours.
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