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The danger of neonazism


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Apr 29, 2005
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One would think that nazism was something of 60 years ago in Germany.
Unfortunately, this isn't so. There are international organisations like "stormfront" who are clearly neonazi. They call themselves "racialists", "white nationalists" or "pro-White". They have international subdivisions in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Russia, other European countries, South Africa and Australia.
These are their characteristics:
1 They hate black people.
2 They hate jews.
3 They're against mixed marriages.
4 They hate gay people.
5 They sympathise with Hitler.
Do you think they can be a real danger and what can be done to stop the spreading of these kind of ideas?
Education is how you stop these ideas.

Honestly, I don't take their threat very seriously. I think the people involved in these groups are very very old and stupid men.
Hi echnaton! :2wave:

I agree with GB, they are has beens, or young punks going nowhere. The FBI and CIA will be watching, so I wouldn't worry too much.​
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