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The "blame" America first crowd in the senate!

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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You whackos do not deserve freedom, ..none nada, & zilch! You whackos refuse to differentiate between the real evil in the world, ..& have the audacity to accuse, smear, & villify the great nation of America who has FREED countless millions of people, & have fed, & supported those under evil regimes of forced communism.

You bastards have equated America, ..& Mr. Bush as being as evil as Stalin, & Hitler were in your blindsided attempt at pretending to be fair.

You kooks really hate, & despise yourselves, your own freedom too, & the rights that american soldiers died giving you ingrates the freedom you currently posess.

You would do well in knowing, YES sir.. THIS IS A RANT! There is NOTHING to debate about with this thread.

You pinheads know who you are; you despise your own government, its country, its soldiers...but you expect all your freedoms though,.. right effeminate punks?

You also do your damndest to empower criminals as well, ..& make excuses for criminal behavior, "Why that poor son of a bytch must have been economically locked out crapola"....thats why he committed robbery, or murder!

You love making excuse for terrorists cause' afteral...terrorists have rights to murder, mame & destroy.

Shame on those American soldiers who don't kiss the as.ses of terrorists, & guarentee them their rights. (the only rights terrorists should have are to have the right to be executed for unprovoked murder)

Some of you people are the same who love to see Israel go through the crap they have been going through for years, ..& just "WHO, & WHAT phoney name do the so called Palestinians represent"???

Thats pretty slick, ..it took an Egyptian born as.shole like Arafat to give a "new" name to generic arabs from Jordan, & elsewhere to invent the myth of the "palestinian" people!

A tribe of land squatting nomads who cared not one iota about the land of israel that was mostly desert, & in some areas nothing but swampland.....until of course Israel made the land blossom, & grow!

And oh...how we are entreated with all the rubbish, & lies of how israel kicked all non-jews out of their homes when they were granted statehood. IT is bullcrap, ..it NEVER happened, yet some of you jew hating bastards prefer to believe all the muslim lies, & propaganda as you still do today!

You turds want them, ..who are NOTHING but indoctrinated TERRORISTS from their birth,.. who by Islamic proxy, ..live everyday to plot, & murder Israeli citizens, & then dare to accuse Israel of being heavy handed when they RESPOND to murder, & terrorism!

Its all from the same mentality, Hate America, Hate Israel....& "The terrorists have rights & grievances crap"!

The Bush administration DOES know you well. You people prefer handing out indictments, prepare to give counciling & understanding to the terrorists who swear to kill others, ..because you are incorrigibly & ideologically f-ed up, & smitten with this warped sense of idealistic modern liberalism!

If..it was not for my children, & my grandchildren I would not mind seeing the day come when you misguided, pacifist, appeasing, self flaggelating, & apologizing morons reap what you soley deserve by a foreign enemy hell bent on your destruction!

Perhaps even then some of you liberal morons would be "MORE" concerned about "rehabilitating" murdering terrorists instead of defending yourselves, & killing them!

Most of you whackos are more concerned about the rights of the terrorists than you are about ridding the world of that scurvy; & to that end you deserve nothing but the contempt of the real mainstream majority!

WE KNOW WHOM YOU ARE: The John Kerry's, the Dick Durbin's, the Barbara Boxer's, the Harry Reid's, The Howard Dean's, The Ted kennedy's, The Carl Levin's..& the rest who are determined to politiscize the war, & destroy the Bush presidency, & its efforts to win the war on terror by undermining the war in Iraq; & by the delight to criminalize Bush administrators, & appointees.

What a wonderful message you send to terrorists, & other enemies & adversaries of America by condemning your own country & soldiers of war crimes, calling your own president a liar, & a Nazi, a racist...& others too even opining that Bush himself "might" have created 9/11 !!

NO small suprise, ..its something that the modern democratic party has ALWAYS engaged in since the Viet-Nam era; & STILL THEY HAVE NO SHAME!:shock:
I think you ought to get some psychiatric help.:lol: :lol: :lol:
Old and wise said:
I think you ought to get some psychiatric help.:lol: :lol: :lol:

Why..? This IS the FLAME area; & besides EVERY word I wrote is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

Everything that I displayed by keyboard is correct; & AND AND....the whacko liberal democrats have done, & acted in the manner I spelled out!

Maybe I want to exercise my right to jump from topic to topic, ..the liberals do when they mug for the media liars.

We get everything from Bush lied about the war, ..to Bush deliberately with held federal aid from New Orleans because he's racist, ..to Bush fixed the 04' election, ..to Bush "might" have killed his own citizens on 9/11, ..& even Bush ordered torture at the terror prisons.

Does it stop there? Of course not, ..if its not Bush, .then its Cheney.

I think maybe the modern Democratic Party should seek help before I do. What the hell, ..THEY are the ones making such outlandish charges, ..I'm ONLY repeating the trash that they say!

You just do not like it when I REMIND everybody the half-witted things that the democratic party says, & does!

The democratic party is seriously MESSED up because it cannot win elections without the need to create a PHONEY controvery that the liberal whackos AND the MEDIA want to snowball just like watergate did!

Only problem is...is that most Americans SEE exactly what a bunch of lying two faced hypocrits that most of the senate democrats are; & ESPECIALLY the ones who DISINGENUINELY voted for the war in IRAQ so they could pretend to be tough on terror, ..& then pretend that they must have been lied to! (THATS THEIR GAME, & THEIR PLAN OF ATTACK in a lame as.s attempt to destroy Bush's presidency)

The senate democrats are SOooooo stupid; ..they think nobody else can see what they are attempting? Why sometimes it is even funny to watch them, ..cause' they are so desperate to be relevant again!:2razz:
galenrox said:
******* you're retarded.
And just for reference, if it's opinion, it cannot be true or false, so thus stating your opinion can NEVER qualify as "the absolute truth"
Pull your head out of your f aggot ass and get a ****ing life elephant man.

Hey Galen, ...I did not personnally attack anybody on this site. My references were to the senate dems.

Why is that even democratic voters "have" to resort to namecalling? Is it that those like you are humiliated, ..& a bit embarrassed that your dem leaders SAY, & DO the most irresponsible, idiotic things while they continue to make baseless charge after charge.

Everything....& I mean EVERYTHING I wrote has been said, implied ...or is being done by senate democrats!

Btw, ..please do not for even a moment presume to think that I'm some young snotty as.sed youngin' like you that does NOT understand the workings of the modern democratic party.

I know it well, ..& USED to play within its framework. I LEFT the democratic party decades ago after I realized just how g-damn disingenuine, hypocritical, & arrogant their ideology base had become, ..& believe me, ..it is at its worst!

They (the dem leadership) preach so many falsehoods, & use the media well; ..only because the media & they have so much in common w/regard to their beliefs, & let me tell you, "ITS NOT FOR WHATS BEST FOR AMERICA".

Since the early 70's the democratic party at large,.. has been NOTHING but to disparage our military, our form of government w/ a preferred view of "internationalism", a love of socialistic dogma, a love of socialistic/marxist revolutionary thought , & courtesy & sympathy given to criminal dictators such as Fidel Castro to name just one!

The dem leadership wants to destroy our constitution, ..& replace it by interpreting things that do not, nor even ever existed within it in order to curry favor from the fringe homosexual/lesbian groups, the atheists, the multi-culturalists, the socialists, the common street thugs, & criminals, the so called, "poor & disinfranchised",...& the rest of the phoney's that LOVE seeing themselves as "victims" of the majority.

The modern democratic party despises anything that ever was good, wholesome..& that exuded traditional values such as the celebration of christian holidays, the pledge of allegiance, morality standards in television, & in the cinema, & the promotion & respect of the family just to name a few things!

That is why so many of your fellow proud & vocal femi-nazi heiffers are LIBERALS,..the Hollywood types who despise the male gender, & in fact are lesbians because THEY disrespect the NORMAL family unit because of their reprobate "FREE THINKING" sexuality beliefs which go against NATURE, MANKIND & GOD!



Which party believes, & has TAUGHT the theory of evolution in the grade schools, high schools, & univertsities as though it is fact, ..even though it is STILL JUST THEORY; & has done its damndest to destroy any, & all concepts of the Christian, Jewish..& even the Muslims belief in the creation concept?

Thats easy too, ..THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ONCE AGAIN, ..of course!

The media, & television, hollywood, writers, ..& of course the "so called" journalists have done EVERYTHING in their power to help advance, & promote the FALSE notion that THEY represent the majority, & that modern "liberalism" should be court ordered, & mandated into every g-damn institution, & that includes our daily lives!

You fool yourself into thinking such things. IN fact, ..you seldom hear from the majority until election time. WE...who make up the majority DO NOT RIOT, break laws, mug for photo-ops, slam our government, disparage it, denounce it, & smear our president, call our troops murderers, ....we support them, & our leaders, even IF we disagree with them at times!

The democratic party USED to be a great party back in the 60's, ..but lost its way, its soul, & its care for the things that USED to help make America a great nation for ALL diverse groups.

Today...the democratic party DIVIDES by race, ethnicity, class distiction, & promotes so many falsehoods concerning it because it LOVES the concept of US verses THEM!

The senate democrats, along with their leadership LOVE to condemn, & help destroy anything that is proposed by a republican president, or republican senate........but yet, THEY seldom ever introduce any damn thing that is alternative which could be better!

No, ..it is always tear down, destroy the person, & look for conspiracies & ulterior motives rather than looking for options, or trying in good faith to make things work better for all!

They, the democratic party lose elections, & are embittered over it! Rather than presenting a consensus, & promoting what they really believe in to garner voter support, ..THEY continue to pretend to be other than what they really are, ..& what they REALLY believe in BECAUSE they have ALLOWED the LIBERALS to set their agenda!

Here is a clue: STOP, ...STOP being beholding to the damn liberals! The democratic party OWES them NOTHING.

Its tough because wealthy liberals, & their organizations within the media, hollywood etc contribute hundreds of millions of dollars; not to mention the "Other" little dirty secret which is there are also many wealthy "industrialists" & "business" people that the DNC get funding from.

I know, ..business, industry, & the corporate world..& oh yes...are the bad villains in liberal ideology books; but the DNC sure like taking their money, ..huh? Huh huh! :smile:

So, ..my Dear Galen; My thread remains relevant, correct, & accurate on "who" are the ones who indulge in "blame America first"!

I realize I expanded on the list but that was to help YOU see, & verify "what YOU already know",.. who also has helped to bring America, the president, its tradititional decent core values....& those responsible for flushing it all down the toilet for the good of the democratic party, & their wealthy, arrogant, jet setting, liberal psuedo-intellectuals who believe that their own personal humanistic, atheistic, & socialistic ideals should reign over the REAL mainstream majority!

Please do not be personally angry w/me, ....as I once bought into ALL of the democratic party crap too.

But...just like the fabian principle of gradualism, & that proverbial frog ...I was able to jump out of that kettle of water before I realized that "that" water was growing warmer, ..& becoming ever so polluted & not only a danger to my well being, but also to any other naive' creature that happened to find it appealing from outside the kettle! ;)
galenrox said:
And just for reference, if it's opinion, it cannot be true or false

You mean like when liberals say Bush lied to start the war? There's an opinion that we hear every day and yet has never been proven.
Old and wise said:
I think you ought to get some psychiatric help.:lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't think he needs psychiatric help, I think he's expressing the thoughts that many conservatives harbor. The same goes for the venom spewed at the right by liberals, it's become pretty normal.
America is retarded.


Seriously, I may be Republican, but Republicans divide and hate just like Democrats do. NO ONE is sacred.
galenrox said:
Coming from a guy just bitching about people not acting like this is the basement. But I guess continuity isn't really something you radical right wingers really hold any importance on.
And as far as you buying into the democratic party **** before, and now you buying into the republican party ****, that's just a statement about how weak minded you are. You have yet to actually argue a point, you just make stupid blanket statements that could've very easily been cut and pasted from off the republican party web page. If you had even the slightest bit of intelligence or logic you'd realize it's not the republicans or the democrats who are right, because if you're straight party either you're a ****ing moron.
Alright, I know you're confused now, because you can't figure out why someone would insult both political parties, because you are just that stupid. This just further proves that you are part of the idiots that shouldn't be allowed to vote because you are ****ing up this country. Instead of looking at a candidate, you see a party or a label (liberal or conservative), and it's **** like that that makes it so the actual legislators don't have to be sensible, and don't have to do their ****ing jobs well, because as long as they're still a liberal democrat or a conservative republican, they can already walk away with enough votes from ****ing retards like you.

I will GLADLY wear the namecalling badge that you bestowed upon me ("retarted")...If it helps to convey the harm, & wrecklessness of the modern democratic party which has wrought so much misery in the social theatre, in our military, in our schools, in our belief systems, in our courts, & in the constitution by the democratic party's LUST to "institutionalize" mandated liberalism through lies, inuendo, historical revisionism, false interpretation of the constitution, using race & economic class for the eternal victim status,..& a lying liberal biased media to help accomplish its goal!;)

Now...IF we could only get the rest of the democratic party heirarchy to actually tell the american people WHAT THEY REALLY believe in when they are campaigning, ..we would not really ever have to worry about republicans being blamed for fixed elections, ..now would we?:smile:
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