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That was a holy bull****


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Sep 7, 2009
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It happened at last! German police should be immortalized in some memorial for closing Al-Quds Mosque Hamburg amid suspicion that the mosque was being used as a meeting place for Islamic extremists. Hallelujah! No more shady characters in Hamburg streets anymore. *whispering* And you know there were even Georgians amidst that cocktail of al-Qaeda, Taliban, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (or somewhere there) etc. When I met them in the street in spite of their Islam prohibitions they were always drunk with their famous Georgian wine. So they yelled rather loudly about their “great top-secret mission of Georgian special service” in Hamburg, about aid of their Islam brothers to Georgia and about “establishing of new world Georgian order”. That was a holy bull****. But it wasn’t funny at all. I felt just longing for hiding somewhere. Especially when herr Jorg Ziercke announced that there are about 400 radical Islamists living in FRG. I say it is rather chilling. Those Islamists fell at home here. The police closed one mosque but didn’t committ any arrests. And those Georgians were the last straw. So I decided to do something and wrote here. That was the first political forum in Google search.
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