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Thank Obama's Ego For The Carnage And Crisis In Egypt


May 11, 2013
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Leadership: With a lethal combination of arrogance and naivete, the U.S. has mishandled a crisis of its own making in the Mideast's most important Arab power. Egypt might now turn back toward Moscow.

Anwar Sadat was remarkable in more ways than one. On top of making peace with Egypt's longtime foe, Israel, he took the land of the pharaohs out of the Soviet orbit into what seemed a permanent friendship with America, something that appeared impossible under his predecessor, the leftist Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Perhaps even more amazing, after Sadat's 1981 assassination his legacy of peace and close ties with the U.S. continued for three decades under his successor, Hosni Mubarak. Why on earth did Barack Obama want to disturb this too-good-to-be-true state of affairs?

In 2009, his grandiose speech in Cairo apologized for America's historical role in the Middle East and snubbed Mubarak, setting the stage for the Egyptian president's overthrow by the mob.


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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. It's like Obama giving the Queen of England photo's of himself while returning gift of the bust of Churchill. Obama thinks too much of himself and little of the people that elected him.
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