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Texans For Public Justice Vindicated From Delay Assault


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Aug 27, 2005
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Texans for Public Justice has been one of the most public critics of Tom Delay, and its web site hosts a mountain of evidence documenting Delay's monetary misdeeds.

Last year, the IRS finished an investigation of Texans for Public Justice, which included a complete audit of their books. Guess what? They found that the organization is clean and operating completely within the law.

Want to know how this investigation got started? Turns out that Delay ally, Sam Johnson, told the IRS Commissioner, Mark W. Everson, that he had uncovered some disturbing information, and had received complaints about tax violations committed by Texans for Public Justice. No hard evidence was given, just the word of Johnson and another Delay associate.

Although audits are supposed to be conducted in private, this letter by Johnson, obtained by the Washington Post, explicitly says "I ask you to report back your findings of each of these investigations directly to me".

IRS audits were a favorite tactic of the Nixon administration, but were mostly ineffective, as the audit in this case was. What we have here is another case of a government official using his office to seek revenge on an organization that "has the goods" on Delay, and is making it all public.

Article is here.

Texans for Public Justice website is here.
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