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Terrorists will go into Europe through Georgia



Georgian President is going to drag Europe into new disorders. Saakashvili gave green light to Chechen leaders for free and legal (!) passage with genuine documents into European countries. I think that this story is concerned with events that had happened in Riga in October this year. At that time Mikho refused to shelter for winter Chechen field officers in Pankisi and now he tries to redress a wrong.
By the way first of all green light is given to Basaev’s partisans whom Saakashvili is eager to shake off as soon as he can. But Mikho had forgotten about Basaev’s implacable “brother-in-arms” Udugov, general “voice” of Chechen rebels in Europe. He had already paved the way inside Chechen Diasporas for “warm welcome” of “Georgian guests”. Thus watch out Europe! Hardly this reunion of those old friends would end peacefully. I fear that there could be even small wars inside European states that sheltered Chechens.
...Cain? Oh dear, this is going to get confusing.
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