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Temporary Rule Changes

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As you know with the update to the forum software certain features are currently not supported. One of these features is the Thread Ban utility, which is a vital tool at the mod teams disposal for maintaining civility and keeping threads on track. Due to the lack of this function we are instituting a temporary change to the rules and procedures to address this short term issue.

For the near future “Thread Bans” will still exist, however it will not be hardcoded into the system for enforcement. Instead it will rely on individuals holding to the punishment with the danger of further points if violated. We will be taking multiple steps to be sure people realize when they’re thread banned and what the potential consequences are if they do not adhere to it.

When you are given a thread ban a 0 point “Thread Ban” infraction will be levied, sending you the standard PM you have sent to you with every warning/infraction you receive. Once a user is “Thread Banned” any continued posting will result in a 5 point “Don’t be a Jerk” infraction, with additional 5 point “DBAJ” infractions levied for further posting as needed.

To assure that people have multiple ways of being aware that they have been thread banned, and to allow reporting to assist with the enforcement of them, it will be team policy to place a Mod Box warning inside a thread any time a thread banning happens. This will be to alert the member and those participating in the thread that a thread ban has occurred for the individual(s) in question.

All of these changes are temporary, remaining only until such a point that the Thread Ban function has been restored to the forums software. At such a point we will be returning to the hard coded system with the software preventing viewing and posting. Additionally the policy of always announcing thread bans publicly in Mod Boxes will be removed. After that, we will return to our standard policy of allowing mod discretion whether to make the announcement public or not.

The Debate Politics Moderation team wants to thank you all for your patience throughout this software upgrade and for your assistance in complying with these new changes to better provide for a civil and high quality debate experience.

  • Thread Bans will be issued with a 0 point “Thread Ban Infraction” warning the poster that they are now thread banned and they should not post any further in the thread.
  • Staying banned from a thread is not hard coded
  • Any additional posts in a thread after a thread banning will result in a 5 point DBAJ infraction. All subsequent posts after will continue to have a similar infraction levied
  • Thread Bans will always be announced in thread to help with enforcement and notification
  • All are temporary measures until a hard coded “Thread Ban” system is able to be added to the forum.
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