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Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Ruling On Trumps Asylum Ban.


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Oct 20, 2018
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[/B The SCOTUS has upheld a ruling by the 9th Circuit that kept Trump from enforcing his asylum ban for immigrants who enter the US illegally in a 5-4 ruling. Justice John Roberts sided with 4 Liberal Justices.

Neither side issued opinions on why they voted the way they did. I think the right decision was reached. Existing law cannot be ignored by Trump or anyone else. If you don't like existing law then go through Congress to get laws changed. Don't make edicts, proclamations, and Executive Orders and expect them to be up held just because Trump made them. Even with a stacked Supreme Court.

BTW the 9th Circuit is not over turned frequently. Do your own research. The SCOTUS only looks at about 64 cases per year. Don't expect me to buy your 80% myth if that's what you come up with. The Court only looks at 0.106% of all federal appeals court cases.
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