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Suicides at the Iphone plant? Why not Westminster?!


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Sep 16, 2009
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Sweatshop workers are dropping like flies at this place:

Worker suicides plague Apple contractor Foxconn - Yahoo! News UK

You'd hope that our ivory tower bunglers in Parliament would go the same way, given that conditions are apparently the same:

We're being treated like benefit claimants: Returning MPs hit out at new expenses system | Mail Online

MPs hijack expenses inquiry with complaints and demands for pay rise - Times Online

MPs to challenge new expenses watchdog over strict rules | Politics | guardian.co.uk


Apparently the reason they fiddle is because they get paid too little!

Double our pay to £130k says MP | News (Presumably so he can still stuff his puffy red face and still have cash enough for big cars and houses!)

Just look at those swines... We've seen them ramp up your taxes but give you less return for it, they cause as many deaths in the military as the Enemy due to cutbacks in war, they deceptively sell us out to the power-hungry EU who are now our overlords, sell off all our gold and other vital assets for extremely short term gain, bankrupt the nation by splurging in time of deep recession, flood the country with immigrants whilst 8 million of our own are now economically inactive, cause deep social division by pandering to the loudest and most truculent religious minority, sacrifice the jobs of valuable beat bobbies and nurses to keep PC jobsworths and paper shifters in work and care more for the human rights of criminals and weirdos than normal ordinary people... AND THEN THEY BLOODY WELL EXPECT TO BE PAID OVER THE ODDS FOR IT! THE FILTHY RINGWORM!!
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