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STUDY: Secondhand Pot Smoke Worse Than Cigarettes...


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Jan 10, 2015
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Did you just equate vaccinations to poison?
OMG the impairment lasted for 90 seconds!! Nixon was right, ban the stuff!
Secondhand marijuana smoke may damage your blood vessels even more than cigarette smoke.

That’s according to a new study from the American Heart Association.

Study: Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Worse Than Cigarettes « CBS Pittsburgh

No surprise to me.

Putting poison in your body is what people love to do! Whether it be vaccinations, or weed.....or anything else.

Except, of course, for the fact that MJ isn't a poison.

Do try harder, hmmm? What you're doing right now isn't working.
I'm not buying the second hand smoke is worse than actually smoking crap, not for pot or cigarettes.

The fumes may be more toxic but the few molecules you inhale second hand is insignificant to actually smoking. If it were true you would get higher from sitting in a room with people smoking pot then actually smoking pot and if that were true no one would smoke pot they would just use it as incense.
I am skeptical of vaccines, and pretty much anything anyone claims as settled science.

Regardless, inhaling burnt plant matter in any form cant be good. That doesnt mean I support the study. But it does suggest you should probably use at least a bong to help filter. Best would be to use hash or concentrates if you are going to smoke.

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Got some news for you, if that is your concern, we can eat it or vape it now, we don't need to smoke it.
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