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Stu Ghatze is rehabilitating liberals:

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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Yes I am, & I'm here to serve you poor frustrated liberals because even hard core conservatives like myself cannot stand to continually see liberals suffer so much from self flaggelation, handwringing, & apologizing to our adversaries such as terrorists etc, murderer's, & even common street criminals that liberals feel responsible for due to their "so called" socio/economic needs.

It is I, the big Stu Ghatze who will help you come out of your liberal hell hole ideology base. Yes,.. I'am the big Kahuna that will help you liberals free yourselves from a morally bankrupt, idiotic, hypocritical, anti-american, & self defeatist dangerous ideology.

I know it will not be easy, ..but even liberals need salvation from this self inflicted malady often referred to as "liberalism"!

Alright, ...grab your notebooks & expel everything most liberals, the media, & that disgusting NEA has taught you people since grade school.

EVERYBODY "BORN" IN AMERICA has the very same civil rights, & ALL of us are protected by the American constitution, ...EVERYBODY without regard to race, ethnic background, religious beliefs, or even the whacko homosexuals who enjoy sphincter muscle training exercises!

The myth, & lie has been by the politically correct crowd ie,.. the media, school teachers, college profs. etc.) that those in those groups mentioned above are being discriminated against.

Myth number 2...is that there probably is NO God being taught by the very same P.C. people as mentioned above again; except secular humanism, because many atheists prefer seeing themselves, & their "humanistic" roles as God's that are supposed to help save the human kind.

That is why Darwin is worshipped, & socialism, & the myth of Evolution which is STILL only a theory but being rammed down our throats as fact by its very teaching!

Homosexuality is NOT normal, but a very degrading sexual preference. Have you people gotten that yet? It has nothing to do with "rights" either, as nobody really cares what anyones chosen perversity is, as long as it is kept to itself.

Nobody has a fundamental "right" to attempt to educate our public school children on the topic of homosexuality either, ..& for damn sure teachers have NO right to try to mainstream its acceptance by introducing teaching books, "Meet Daddy's new friend, or I have two mommies"!

THis is the result of using the constitution to prostitute the constitutions real intent which was meant to PROTECT Christianity, ..not be a tool to destroy the christian religion as many liberal activist judges have hoped to do by deliberatley re-interpreting our constitution to mean "whatever" in the hell THEY want it to mean.

While on that thought, think also: where in the hell did the constitution EVER say it was anybody's inherent right to take the life of a child growing within the womb of a woman??

Nowhere is it written, nor was it EVER intended, & that is the very first step in cheapening human life, & the dissolution of peoples conscience, & morals.

And THAT also explains one reason for so much VIOLENCE in AMERICA. NO,...socio/econmic reasons are NOT the reason for crime, or violence. It is an utter contempt for things good, things once considered traditionally sound, & moral have been warred against by these secular humanists who have deliberatley tampered with by their arrogant social engineering attempts to destroy the concept of a higher spiritual authority.

These same imbeciles want people to believe in their idiotic political conspiracy theories as well because the vast majority REJECTS modern liberalism; & they now feel powerless as they NO longer control hardly anything in Washington D.C. anymore.

They also are out to destroy American patriotism, ..while THEY promote this un-godly "internationialism" which cares nothing about America.

That is why those psuedo-intellectualists love blaming America FIRST for all the ills of the world too, & love portraying America as the most evil of all, & actually promote the belief that America should adopt foreign law, & customs!

The liberal morons also are wrecking our oil producing capacity which is hampering our oil companies from bringing us cheaper gasoline prices as many of them are wacko environmentalists who have helped stifle new oil drilling through legislation. They want cheap gasoline, but will not allow any new drilling, irrespective of the oil companies who have, & can also protect the environment!

Please stop crying, & agonizing about the smashed insect on your windshield; ..there will always be bugs, & other insects to protect.

And...lets talk about this stupid so called, "Global warming"! Listen, even before the earth was very populated....there had ALWAYS been periods of warmth, & periods of cold. (REMEMBER THE MANY DIFFERENT ICE AGES??)

Here is a clue, ...man is NOT big enough to cause the things we are seeing, ie,...hurricanes, warming waters, ice caps melting, earthquakes, or tornadoes etc. THey are just cycles as the earth is in CONSTANT change!

The liberals love blaming industry, corporations...& the like for everything just as they LOVE villifying the Wall Marts, but THEY sure as hell love the selection, & the inexpensive bargains that THEY get themselves!

Now....forget about focus groups as being "victims", for they are not. THe real victims of society are the ones who have been the recipients of the real criminals who have murdered, raped & assaulted...& are granted SYMPATHY by most liberals as some form of twisted justice!

Also let me say what needs said right here & now: Muslim Terrorists are ravenous, consciousless brutal murderers that deserve NO rights beyond having their bare essentials met.

They slaughter anybody, & even target innocents to help promote the worldwide reprobate islamic belief system, & they should be shown NO quarter in dealing with those bastards.

Lastly, ...it is NOT the duty, or responsibility of the American government to provide a job, a daily living, the food, or clothing for anybody in America. It is up to the individual to provide their own needs, & in America they have the freedom to do just that!

Yes...we can help the poor, whom are temporarilly down & out on their luck...but a continued lifestyle,.. NO!

This entitlement mentality must stop as it is unfair to all the taxpaying citizens in America; the government should not be anybody's continual "sugar daddy" just so those promising the so called; "have nots" can give votes to them!

Now...I have reviewed some of the basic elements of the stupidity, & utter hopelessness of modern liberalism which is usually in conflict with its own ideology.

Free yourselves, & belch out modern liberalism....you will be surprised how outing all that puke WILL make you feel so much better.:smile:
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