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STOP the FASCIST mandates

TU Curmudgeon

B.A. (Sarc), LLb. (Lex Sarcasus), PhD (Sarc.)
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Mar 7, 2018
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Lower Mainland of BC
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This person paid taxes for BOTH sides of the road

and now the fascist government is persecuting him for exercising his constitutional rights to travel freely simply because he chose to drive on a side that the fascist government has mandated he could not travel freely on.

Not only that but the fascists are going to persecute him for having the infernal gall to consume a legal substance that he purchased legally using legally acquired fiat money that those left-wing fascists force him to use rather than issuing REAL money.

Haven't you had enough yet?

[The above has been specifically and officially approved and endorsed by "Devoted Online Lovers of Trump" Inc. (a non-partisan, independent, research and analysis organization exempt from federal taxation that is dedicated to bringing you the true truth and not the false truth that anyone who doesn't believe 100% of what Donald Trump {BBHN} says tries to tell you the so-called "facts" are), "Pro-Life United Gun Enthusiasts and Manufacturers for Jesus", and “"TheFirst Amendment Rights Trust’ Foundation”.]
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