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Some words of wisdom from A "consertive" Judge Anderw Napolitano


Jan 14, 2005
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I was listing to The O'Leiy nonfactor Bill had on a true Conservative judge Andrew Napolitano he agrees with Freedom69 he said what Tom Delay and President Bush-it did was truly unconstitutional.
It amounted to ****ing on our constitution.

These stupid Republicans don't even know # 1) This was a state Court issue .
2nd ) It was a family matter ......For Shame For Shame

The religious right is so far up the ass of the republican party it's making them blind.......This just may be the start of the fall of these stupid bleep.

How stupid can you be to forget about the 3 branches of government ...Not to mention the laws that govern state laws you should learn this by the 8th grade .
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