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So usual thing for Americans, isn’t it?


Jul 20, 2010
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It has been reported recently that the Pentagon is processing bids on a new contract to provide more than $100 million worth of jet fuel each year to a key US air base in Manas, Kyrgyzstan (Pentagon to open bidding for fuel delivery to Bagram air base in Afghanistan). Moreover, it is well known that earlier US military have allowed family members of the ousted Kyrgyz president, K. Bakyev, to enrich themselves through supplying non-taxable fuel from Belarus to Manas air base. And Americans accepted this situation, because it brought huge profits to all parties involved. I mean US military, who have purchased rather low-price jet fuel, as well as, Bakiyev’s son, Maksim, and his Belarusian partners, who skimmed as much as $8 million a month from fuel sales to the base.
And now after rather successful negotiations with a new Kyrgyz government US State Department officials and US military from the base have decided most likely that they are able to exert sufficient influence on senior leaders in the new government of this country in order to restore previous (and so beneficial!) schemes of supplying fuel in Manas, basing on a new contract! It is rather arrogant, but so usual thing for Americans, isn’t it?
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