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Sep 12, 2019
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Why do the elected officials of Oregon allow this chaos to continue?

State your case
And your solution is? (State your case.)
And your solution is? (State your case.)

Simply put: Enforce the law

A post from a related thread:

  • Coordinate with local leaders to mobilize National Guard units
  • Establish early evening curfews with rigid rules (e.g. use of less lethal measures against violators - plastic bullets, bean bag rounds, rubber bullets)
  • Hefty fines for non-violent curfew violators.
  • Leverage less lethal measures against individuals using lasers, fireworks or environmental weapons.
  • Mobilize mounted riot police to begin dispersing crowds prior to curfew.
  • Establish tactical groups to search and destroy caches of supplies (e.g. water bottles, fireworks, etc.)
  • Post-riot video surveillance analysis to identify violent rioters and/or curfew violators: arrest violent rioters / fine curfew violators.
  • Fine individuals wearing gas masks
  • State and local leadership should allow law enforcement to do their job.
Why do the elected officials of Oregon allow this chaos to continue?

State your case

As conservatives why do we give a hoot what they do?

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