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Simon Cowell for President (1 Viewer)


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Oct 2, 2005
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This guy is great. Incase you don't know, Simon Cowell is co host of American Idol. This guy is the COOLEST. I watch the show just so I can see what funny things he's going to say next. He's a brillant comedic genius in my opinion. His one liners are just hysterical.

This past week he told this one guy that he would ban him from singing in the shower. LMAO, OWNED! LOL

Simon is also very good at spotting talent. Paula is practically brain dead, she lets just about anybody go through. And Randy is too busy making hand gestures and shouting, "Yo, dog!" to really take the job seriously.

Anyway, I think Simon would make a good President, if we were to allow foreigners to run for the Presidency. I bet Simon would lean to the right, whereas of course, "touchy feely" Paula would lean to the left. I could just see Simon Cowell as President putting all of the liberals in their place. Imagine him standing up in the Senate, addressing the legislature:

"Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts, sit down. That bill you just introduced was Appalling. Absolutely appalling. I've seen better bills come out of Buffalo. I think all that whiskey you've been drinking has finally erroded what little brain you had to begin with."

LOL, I could just imagine all the witty things he would say. And you know he would be tough about the War in Iraq and wouldn't let anybody give him any crap about it.

So who would consider voting for Simon Cowell, assuming he actually could and would run for President? And suppose he did have conservative leanings. Would you vote for him?
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