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shout out to the local bands (1 Viewer)


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Sep 15, 2005
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I thought it might be a good idea to post who the local bands in your area are so that they might get some more recognition and we can get more exposure to more bands.

the first group is a metal band called Tiltid. they are awesome. i went and saw then again this past saturday.


the next group is called the Wynsome. they are a experimental rock band. i know all of these guys and went to school with them.


this band I heard at a Tiltid concert and they are not really local to me but they are good.

so, who are the local bands near you?
galenrox, they sound cool. do you have their web pages?
Asunder, my band we're a death metal growl band, with some "Emotional" lyrics.

Yet Another Prayer, a talented Scream Metal band they can deal with 2 Guitarists quite well.

The Athenian Mercury, a beautiful slow metal band, they're able to mix the awesome lyrics of metal with slow, beautiful music.

Classic Case, utterly awesome... 'Nuff Said.
Widgeon Holland - Originally from Austin, he lived in Ireland for 5 years before coming back. I got to sit in with him here in Houston, and got an offer to be bass player in the band. Couldnt do it though, with family to consider, and also touring can lead to an uncertain future. If he makes millions, I will kick myself in the ass, but I think I made the right choice for the sake of my family. :)

Widge is being compared to Stevie Ray Vaughn, but his style is funkier rather than straight blues. Here is his website. You can get free downloads of some of his songs there.

Am currently with the Smith & Hightower Band based in Freeport Texas. These guys are also good. Before I joined them, they went on tour in South America and played for the President of Ecuador. :)
cool stuff. I'm still looking for a band at the moment.

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