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Should Major League Baseball have an anti-trust exemption?

Should Major League Baseball have an anti-trust exemption?

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Sep 3, 2011
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Should Major League Baseball (MLB) have an anti-trust exemption?

MLB's anti-trust exemption dates from an SC decision in 1922, and is the only professional sport that has this exemption. The gist being that MLB was deemed to not be interstate commerce, yada yada yada, and hence was not covered by anti-trust laws, or something like that. There have been a couple legal challenges, the last being 1971-ish, and the exemption has survived mostly intact. It was even strengthened by Congress in 1997 or 1998.

Should they enjoy this exemption at all?

I have seen recent arguments in other forums that if taken to the SC today, they'd probably lose it. Especially since so many players are required to pay income tax in many states when they play road games in those states, hence that's about as interstate as one can get, it would seem.
Yes and blacks and gays should get 4 strikes instead of 3 to atone for past sins and promote minorities in the sport.
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