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Short Political Survey




I'm conducting a survey for my government class which pertains to current political issues. I must get 50 people to complete these surveys and thought this would be the perfect place :-D ... Well anyways, if you're interested, I'll send a free G-mail invitation to all participants, just include your e-mail in the post. It will take no more than 30 seconds. Answer the questions in the following way.

the number, followed by the answer. Then initials at the bottom (optional)
1. yes
2. no
3. Strongly Agree

Here it is:

Age: 18–22 /23–30 /31–40 /41–50 /51+

Gender: Male /Female

1. Should human cloning be allowed in this generation?

Yes No

2. Should Prayer be allowed in the School environment?

Yes No

3. The Patriot Act is an acceptable method of fighting domestic terrorism within the United States.

Strongly Agree /Agree /Disagree /Strongly Disagree

4. The government should increase spending on AIDS and HIV research

Strongly Agree /Agree /Disagree /Strongly Disagree

5. Democratizing Iraq has helped minimize threats of terrorism in the United States and the rest of the world.

Strongly Agree /Agree /Disagree /Strongly Disagree

6. The United States should invest money on researching alternative energy sources rather than excavating more oil.
Strongly Agree /Agree /Disagree /Strongly Disagree

7. The government should be in charge of the Internet.

Strongly Agree /Agree /Disagree /Strongly Disagree

Initials _________
Thank you
Some of your questions are unclear and/or false dichotomies. If this is for school, you might want to consider rephrasing some of them. But I've answered them as best I could:

Age: 23-30

1. Yes (You should specify whether you mean therapeautic or reproductive cloning, and for what purpose the cloning would be done.)

2. Yes (Prayer should be allowed in school, and I don't think anyone would dispute that. The controversy, however, is over whether teachers and administrators should have the right to lead public school students in prayer. And to this question I would answer "no.")

3. Disagree (The Patriot Act isn't a method of fighting terrorism.)

4. Agree

5. Strongly disagree

6. Agree (False dichotomy; it should do both.)

7. Disagree (In charge of the internet in what way?)
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