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Secret Lukashenko Inauguration Triggers Fresh Belarus Clashes

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Apr 18, 2013
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Secret Lukashenko Inauguration Triggers Fresh Belarus Clashes


Belarus police fired tear gas and arrested more than 150 protesters on Wednesday after the secret inauguration of President Alexander Lukashenko triggered new demonstrations and fresh condemnation in the West. Several thousand protesters, many carrying the red-and white opposition flag, took to the streets of the capital Minsk and other cities following a surprise announcement that Lukashenko had been sworn into a sixth term in office following disputed elections in August. Clashes between masked riot police and protesters broke out in Minsk, with the Viasna rights group saying that more than 150 people had been arrested in the capital, as well as the southwestern city of Brest and other places. The state-run Belta news agency broke the news that Lukashenko had "taken office as President of Belarus" during a ceremony in the Palace of Independence on Wednesday. It was not shown live on television unlike previous ceremonies, but Belta published photographs of the mustachioed leader swearing the oath of allegiance at a podium in a blue suit with his hand on a copy of the Constitution.

Diplomatic reaction in Western capitals was swift. Germany does not recognize Lukashenko as president of Belarus, said government spokesman, Steffen Seibert, adding his re-election lacked "democratic legitimacy." Others including the Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok and Danish counterpart Jeppe Kofod made similar statements, as did the Baltic states, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. "Such a farce. Forged elections. Forged inauguration," tweeted Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius. Over the past month riot police have detained thousands of protesters who have reported torture and abuse in custody, prompting international condemnation and proposed EU sanctions. Lukashenko's rival Tikhanovskaya has taken shelter in EU member Lithuania, while he has jailed or driven out other key opposition figures.

Under the protection of riot police, in an atmosphere of secrecy, in a narrow circle of officials who were hastily brought in. Where are the jubilant citizens? Where is the diplomatic corps?

To be honest, it looks more like a thieves' meeting for the coronation of another thief-in-law.

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The non-recognition of the legally elected President of Belarus by the "democratic countries" does not matter, as long as the "democratic countries" do not demand, for example, the withdrawal of the US occupation forces from Syria, where they are located in violation of all conceivable international norms.
- Two law enforcement officials were injured during the protests.
- Lukashenko has to enter into negotiations and to hand over power!
- Maybe Trump should, if it happened in Louisville?
- Isn't it a shame to compare the suppression of scum in the United States with the right of belarusians to pastoral poverty?!
:rolleyes: More Stalinist nonsense by the Stalinist poster.
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