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Scientists Build Underwater Jumping Robot


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Dec 3, 2017
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The robot is designed to understand how animals like whales and dolphins breach the water's surface.

Few sights in nature are majestic as a whale or dolphin jumping out of the water, but these graceful-looking maneuvers are technically challenging to pull off. So a group of researchers set out to understand how jumping out of the water actually works by building a robot to do it.

The researchers, from Cornell University, studied simpler and more common animals like frogs and small crustaceans that perform a breaching maneuver. These smaller animals tend to breach either to catch prey or to escape from predators, and their small size and predictable behavior makes them ideal study subjects.
The simple design - a hinge & a rubber band - takes advantage of 'entrained water mass,' which is expelled in order to act as Newton's law & thereby provide the upward thrust.
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