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Saakashvili is under the action of drugs? (1 Viewer)



I think there is hardly one who will argue that Saakashvili's line of policy is puzzle-headed and inconsistent (the same about his speeches). Within the last several days, he has made a few mutually exclusive statements, though people in Georgia must have got accustomed to this already (check out his statements confirming Russia's responsibility for blowing up her own gas pipelines and subversive actions against Georgia, and right after this Russia's professions of friendship and cooperation. Or Saakashvili's late pronouncement that Russia incurs gas deficit).

The inconsistency and inappropriateness of Georgian President is usually affixed to his temper and affectivity. However, American medics appointed for Saakashvili, adhere to quite a different opinion, yet his health data is kept private.

Though, I'd rather distrust them, anyway. According to some reliable sources, Saakashvili's health problems have been handled with the help of some drastic medicines. One way or another, it is clear now that Saakashvili got disabled for some reason and is currently unable to hold the keys.

Until recently, the country has been de facto ruled by brother of Saakashvili's mother - Giuli Alasania who represents interests of American energy producers in Georgia. He is told to have urgently left for New-York because internal affairs ministry of Georgia started to suspect him of having art and part in explosions of Russian oil pipelines. A latest power line accident (perhaps, a terrorist act) confirms the destructive mechanism of the "grey eminence" to be fully operating. In that way, Americans intend to justify direct rule of President in Georgia which is fully aimed at establishing total control over power industry in Georgia and the torpid, crammed with cakes President-puppet won't intervene into final grandiose redistribution of property that started after the Rose Revolution, entirely to the good of the US.

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