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Saakashvili has turned back to the idea of converting Kutaisi into secondc capital...



It is clear for everyone in my native Georgian Republic now that by all means the total discontent with stealing of current local elections will result in mass protest demonstrations here. And, surely, then it will be necessary for our shabby Mikho to seek some reliable refuge; the place, from which he would be able to return to Tbilisi quickly in the case of his final victory or to fly this country easily.
And there has been no surprise for my countrymen that just now, in such difficult conditions; our President Saakashvili has turned back to the idea of converting his native Kutaisi into second capital of Georgia (on the model of city of Osh for deposed Bakiyev’s clan in Kyrgyzstan now). Ha-ha! It is largely due to really weak positions of Mr. Saakashvili in current Tbilisi!
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