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Russian 'creeping annexation' hits Ukraine in Sea of Azov

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Mar 7, 2018
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From NBC News

Russian 'creeping annexation' hits Ukraine in Sea of Azov

Tensions in the Sea of Azov have been simmering for months and this weekend its waters came to the boil.

Russian ships opened fire at three Ukrainian naval vessels Sunday after they attempted to enter the sea.

Ukrainian media reported that 23 crew members were detained, including six who were injured, and the vessels seized.

Kiev's navy is hugely outgunned and outnumbered by Moscow. Ukraine responded by putting its forces on high alert.


Of course no one is giving any thought to the fact that the Russians had every legal right to fire on the Ukrainian ships if the ships were actually in Russian territorial waters.

Since the area is under intense US government satellite surveilance, the US government can simply release the data which it already has to prove that one way or the other.

It is possible that the incident did not get recorded and the US government loses absolutely nothing by saying that either.

So, if the US government DOES NOT say that the incident was not recorded, and the US government DOES NOT release the recording (which it DOES NOT deny having) showing that the incident DID NOT take place in Russian waters, what is the logical conclusion to draw?

Oh, I know "Maybe they did, and maybe they didn't. We don't have all of the evidence so far so we shouldn't decide. But the Ukrainians have said that they weren't in Russian waters and I find their denial compelling.".
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