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Russia says range of disputed missile is allowed under INF treaty

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Mar 7, 2018
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From The South China Morning Post

Russia says range of disputed missile is allowed under INF treaty

Moscow on Wednesday insisted the range of a missile system that has prompted Washington to say it will withdraw from a key cold war arms treaty is allowed under the agreement.

Russian artillery chief Mikhail Matveevsky told a briefing that the 9M729 missile’s maximum range is 480km (300 miles).

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty bans missiles with a range above 500km.

Russia has long denied it violates the treaty but Wednesday’s briefing was the first time it has offered details of the missiles in question.


The rumour that Mr. Trump has made a "Presidential Finding" that "The mile is only 5,000 feet long and that based on that known scientific fact, the REAL range of the Missile is 506.88 miles and that the missile, therefore, violates the INF agreement." is completely false.
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